Communication, collaboration and capacity building | C3

While much of the work of PTBi is specific to California or East Africa, we work together to share what we are learning, partner where possible, and build capacity globally. These efforts comprise our C3 program, which is jointly funded by Marc and Lynne Benioff and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and include:


PTBi Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

To support capacity building, we offer a two-year, non-accredited transdisciplinary post-doctoral fellowship focused onprematurity. This fellowship offers an unparalleled opportunity to work with world-class researchers and mentors, develop ideas and partnerships within a collaborative network, and formally build additional research and career development skills. Our inaugural cohort of fellows started in July 2015, bringing together discovery and implementation interests that span psychosocial risk factors during pregnancy, quality of care from the provider and patient perspectives, andneurodevelopmental outcomes of preterm infants. The next round of applications will open in Summer 2018 for the 2019 cohort. 


Monthly Collaboratory Series

The PTBi Collaboratory is a forum to facilitate open interchange of ideas and information to collectively develop solutions that will decrease the global burden of prematurity. We aim to foster transdisciplinary collaboration among unlikely partners. Each Collaboratory will feature a unique group of speakers who will lead interactive discussions to describe current knowledge, identify gaps and generate new solutions among collaborators and communities across California and East Africa.