What We Fund

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PTBi-CA pursues research through a precision health lens, recognizing that birth outcomes are highly influenced by a complex interplay of biological and social determinants that vary by population and place. We are committed to turning the curve on the preterm birth epidemic and accelerating advancement in the field of prematurity research by engaging academic and community investigators across disciplines and sectors to collaboratively tackle our four primary research aims:

  • Aim 1. Discovery and Precision Health-Focused Research – We seek to better understand the chronic stressors and protective factors that may affect preterm birth and the health outcomes of mothers and their babies.
  • Aim 2. Interventions Research – We seek to reveal, and ultimately mitigate, the behavioral, structural and policy-level barriers that impede scale-up of interventions that work to combat preterm birth; and to explore promising new interventions across the reproductive life course (preconception, prenatal and postnatal strategies).
  • Aim 3. Collective Impact – We are embarking on a cross-sector approach that engages multiple academic, governmental, and community stakeholders to reduce preterm birth at the population level.
  • Aim 4. Communication, Collaboration, and Capacity Building (C3) – In partnership with PTBi East Africa (PTBi-EA), we work to disseminate knowledge, partner with diverse stakeholders, and build capacity domestically and globally.

One in ten babies born in the US are born in the State of California, and California data clearly indicate a disproportionate burden of prematurity among low-income and women of color. A “place-based” approach allows PTBi to focus all research on specific places and populations to incorporate local context, attitudes, and other influences on health and outcomes, acknowledging that one-size-does-not-fit-all. Accordingly, our research efforts are primarily focused on reducing birth outcome disparities in San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno. PTBi-CA works in direct partnership with community stakeholders in each geography to prioritize research questions, review proposals and evaluate their potential for impact.

Twice yearly, PTBi-CA issues a request for innovative, high-impact prematurity research with strong potential to turn the curve on preterm birth and reduce birth outcome disparities in San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno. Based upon our current research portfolio, grant opportunities may be broad or targeted.


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