UCSF Preterm Birth Initiative

A baby's first cry signals the promise that all is possible at the dawn of a new life. Yet many times that cry comes too early — or not at all.

Preterm birth — before 37 weeks — is the leading cause of death worldwide for children under five years old. Those who do survive often face life-long health issues, from neurologic injuries to adult diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Preterm Birth Initiative (PTBi) is founded on the belief that every child deserves a healthy start, regardless of the circumstances he or she was born into. Whether in San Francisco, Oakland or Fresno, Rwanda, Kenya or Uganda, PTBi aims to conduct breakthrough research that will lead to better health for all at the very start—from the health of a mother at conception, through pregnancy and delivery, to optimal care of premature infants—in order to reduce the rate of preterm birth and improve the survival and health of preterm infants.

Learn more about PTBi-California and PTBi-East Africa and the work we do together.